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Amber Portwood’s fiance, Matt Baier, isn’t just a deadbeat dad – he’s the Michael Jordan of deadbeat dads.

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier Picture

Other deadbeat dads have posters of Baier on their bedroom walls, perhaps with his tongue wagging as he dunks a court summons in his wastebasket.

It’s hard to keep track of just how many babies and baby mamas Baier is currently dodging, so here’s the rundown:

At first it was reported that Baier had seven kids with five different women. (Yes, someone had sex with him multiple times.)

Shortly thereafter, a sixth baby mama emerged claiming that Baier actually has eight kids.

If you thought that would be it, then clearly you know Baier about as well as his clueless fiancee!

Earlier this week, a seventh woman came forward alleging that Baier has nine children that he’s not supporting.

You may think that Baier sounds like a terrible person, and you’re almost certainly right, but believe it or not, he does seem to be making an effort to set things right  – albeit about a decade too late.

A new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, confirms that Matt is finally paying child support after receiving his first checks from MTV for his "work" on Teen Mom: OG.

One of the baby mamas says she received a check for $500 last week – the first money that she’s ever received from Baier for their child.

But before you go circling Matt’s name on your Dad of the Year ballot, you should know that the decision to finally pay up was not his own.

According to The Ashley, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue was informed that Matt would be getting paid by MTV after being promoted to full-fledged "cast member" status, and they garnished his wages starting with paycheck number one.

“They are withholding 65 percent of his checks and dividing it up among the moms, from what I have heard,” says one of his baby mamas.

The US government: forcing D-bags like Matt to fork over what they owe since 1789.