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The strange saga of Teen Mom star and serial deadbeat dad Matt Baier keeps getting weirder and weirder by the week.


It all started when we learned that Baier has seven kids by five women.

At least. The actual amount is the subject of great debate.

Shortly thereafter, a sixth woman came forward claiming that Baier actually has eight children, and that he abandoned her.

Yes, he disappeared shortly after learning she was pregnant, or so she claims. If only the troubled reality star’s issues ended there …

Now, a seventh woman has come forward claiming that she was briefly married to Baier, and that he fathered a child with her.

A child whom he has yet to financially support in any way, as is his M.O.

“He was great at first, but then our marriage became a nightmare,” Boston resident Jeanette Reedy tells Radar Online.

“I started to figure out that everything about him was a lie."

"I thought, ‘What did I get myself involved in?’”

Reedy – who was able to furnish legal documents proving that Baier is the father of her daughter – says she had all but given up on locating him.

That is, until he turned up on MTV as Amber Portwood’s 44-year-old fiance.

“I got so many text messages, emails and phone calls. Lots of my friends watch Teen Mom and recognized him right away,” she recalls.

“I’ve never seen him on TV. I’m repulsed by him.”

Reedy says her daughter – who is now old enough to understand the situation – also has no interest in her father’s new life as a reality TV star.

In fact, Reedy quotes the child as saying, “He sounds disgusting," when asked about her father.

Smart little girl.

As always, you can watch Teen Mom online at TV Fanatic to remind yourself of how disgusting Baier can be.