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Yesterday, we reported that Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook are dating.

Kaley posted a photo of Karl licking her face on Instagram, which is usually a pretty good indication that two people are romantically involved, but in this case, there was reason to be suspicious right off the bat.

Kaley Cuoco With Karl Cook
Photo via Getty Images

You see, it’s April Fools Day on Friday, and Kaley’s love of pranks is well documented.

Add to that the fact that Karl’s name is strikingly similar to Kaley’s (Cuoco means "cook" in Spanish), and it’s not hard to see why Kaley’s new relationship raised some eyebrows.

But the Internet did some sleuthing, and now it seems that despite his name, Karl is:

  1. Not made-up, and
  2. Not a prominent revolutionary socialist.

We hate to dash your hopes about a spinoff entitled The Big Class Theory, but it’s just not gonna happen.

Anyway, Kaley and Karl were spotted at a tennis match back on March 12 (above), weeks before they started going semi-public with their relationship.

In other words, if this is some sort of lame prank, these two are seriously committed to it.

So yeah, it looks like you’re gonna have to give up your dreams of Kaley and Johnny Gelecki getting back together.

That romance is restricted to the world of television…for now.