Maci Bookout: SNUBBING Farrah Abraham From Wedding??

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It's safe to say that Maci Bookout is the least controversial star in the Teen Mom franchise, which is probably why she gave the most boring interview to MTV UK.

Maci Bookout interview with MTV UK

As members of the human race, we applaud Maci for refraining from cursing and throwing a tantrum like we're accustomed to seeing from her Teen Mom OG counterparts, but as gossip writers, well, we admit to feeling just a tad disappointed.

HOWEVER, we did detect one possible morsel of drama to share with you, and naturally, it involves Farrah Abraham.

When asked whether she planned on inviting some of her cast mates to her upcoming wedding, Maci revealed all we need to know.

“I definitely plan on inviting some of the other OGs to the wedding," she confirmed. "I don’t think it would feel right without them there.”

Exercising our mastery of the English language and the power of deduction, we can assume that "some" means "not all," which means that someone's getting excluded.

We know Maci remains close to co-stars Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell - she just posed for a selfie with the former last week and attended the latter's wedding last year.

But her relationship with Farrah has been strained at best, with the beef coming to a head last year when Maci briefly quit the show after hearing that the amateur porn actress was returning.

Farrah retaliated by calling her co-star a "fake, f--ked up, piece of s--t person."

So yeah, there may be some tension between the two.

However, Farrah appeared to make nice in January after Maci announced her engagement to boyfriend Taylor McKinney.

“I stopped by their green room to congratulate them," Farrah told Us Weekly. "We all hugged and embraced and congratulated Maci!”

Fans speculated that Farrah was just schmoozing for a wedding invite, but it looks like Maci didn't take the bait.

You can't blame Maci, who is pregnant with her third child.

A bride with any sense is going to shut down the likelihood of overturned tables and screaming fits with a groomsman who may have inadvertently glanced Farrah's way.

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