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The year of Lady Gaga will officially conclude with the superstar scaring the living ish out of television viewers once again. 

Lady Gaga for FX

On Thursday, American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy Tweeted that "Lady Gaga is so brilliant in AHS Season 5 that [he] officially asked her to join Season 6."

Murphy then beseeched Gaga to say "yes," which is the exact word she used when asked this morning during a Z100 radio interview if she would appear on the FX smash hit again this fall.

She did add as a qualification, however:

"I can’t promise you how or when, or anything like that."

Lady Gaga, who brought the Academy Awards crowd to its feet last week, starred on American Horror Story Season 5 as The Countess.

She won her first-ever Golden Globe for the role, as you can see here:

Not many details regarding American Horror Story Season 6 have been released, although FX President John Landgraf told reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in January FX that the new chapter would be “set in the present” with “echoes of the past” mixed in.

He added: “It’s set in two time periods, but principally in the present.”

We’re sure roles and characters are still being hashed out, but it would be very hard for us to believe that Lady Gaga isn’t once again one of the leads.

In the meantime, you can watch American Horror Story online to catch up on her performance from last year…

… and you can also watch Gaga absolutely slay the Super Bowl national anthem last month, along with a David Bowie tribute at the Grammys:

Lady Gaga National Anthem at Super Bowl 50
Photo via REUTERS
Lady Gaga Pays Tribute to David Bowie at 2016 Grammy Awards