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Could THG’s Celebrity of the Year race already be over?

By March?!?

The Hollywood Gossip

It may very well be possible, considering the incredible two-month start to 2016 that has been enjoyed by Lady Gaga.

The unprecedented run has crossed all industries, too, kicking off in early January with Gaga earning her first-ever Golden Globe Award for her role in American Horror Story: Hotel.

It was then on to the football field in Santa Clara, as Gaga didn’t just belt out the national anthem prior to Super Bowl 50.

She totally and completely owned it:

The Hollywood Gossip

We may have to go all the way back to 1991 and Whitney Houston to come up with the last Super Bowl rendition of the Star-Spangled banner that was this well received.

We then moved on to the Grammy Awards, where Gaga took nine minutes to pay tribute to David Bowie, dressing up as the late singer and putting on a true show-stopper.

Trust us. This is worth your time:

The Hollywood Gossip

And that brings up to the Academy Awards.

Gaga sang her nominated track, "Til It Happens To You," but she did so much more than that.

She sat at the piano. She put true emotion into the single. And she was surrounded by many victims of sexual abuse.

It was powerful stuff. It something we can only really imagine Lady Gaga pulling off.

The Hollywood Gossip

It’s been a whole two months, remember. And this is what Lady Gaga has already pulled off.

One major awards victory. Three truly epic performances.

She could stop right now and still likely earn our top honor come end of the year.

You better go make another sex tape fast, Kim Kardashian. We don’t know how anyone else will be able to compete.