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Last week, Jennifer Garner broke her silence on the topic of her divorce from Ben Affleck.

The couple separated back in June of 2015, but prior to Garner’s recent Vanity Fair cover story, they’d both kept mum on the details of the split.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: Tense Times at Pacific Palisades Farmers Market
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While Garner didn’t expressly deny that Affleck cheated with Christine Ouzounian in her interview, she did say that she she wasn’t aware of any romance between the two of them until "months after the separation."

She insisted that the affair allegations were not a factor in the actors’ decision to end their marriage, but she condemned Affleck for "bad judgment," thus seemingly confirming that he did sleep with the couple’s 28-year-old employee at some point.

Now, Radar Online is reporting that Ben is livid about Jen’s comments, and he may have contacted his ex to make his feelings known. 

“[Ben] knew Jen had done the interview with Vanity Fair," a source tells the website.

"But he was shocked about how in depth Jen got. Just mentioning the nanny irritated Ben as denies any sort of romantic relationship.”

The insider adds that while Ben and Jen’s encounter at the Oscars was awkward and icy due to Garner’s comments, Affleck won’t be returning fire anytime soon.

“Don’t expect Ben to do a sit down tell-all,” the insider said. “He has made it clear there he won’t be discussing the breakdown of the marriage.”

Instead, the source claims, Ben will spend the coming weeks focusing on promoting the upcoming Batman v Superman.

Probably a good idea. Jen is a much more formidable opponent than the Man of Steel, and it would probably get ugly if Ben took her on.