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This is weird, but also really funny.

Kylie Jenner B&W face

On March 8th, Kylie Jenner posted a photo of herself, sans lip injections and posted it to Instagram.

The photo also features a pair of lips with wings.

"Fly away my friend," the captioned reads.

Kylie Jenner Instagrams Smaller Lips

In May 2015, Jenner admitted on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she used injections to plump up her lips.

Up until that point, though, she denied any sort of cosmetic enhancements.  In November 2014, she told E! News that she just loved a good trout pout.

"I feel like everyone has been talking about it for months, so I’m kind of sick of it," she said at a party for her Kylie Hair Kouture in Beverly Hills.

"My pictures, I pout them out a lot. I think big lips are awesome."

Mmm, hmmm.  It wasn’t until her older sisters told her to come clean that Jenner fessed up.

"I’ve had temporary lip-fillers," Kylie admitted in her one-on-one. "It’s just an insecurity of mine. It’s just something I wanted to do.

"I’m just not ready to talk to reporters about my lips yet," she added, "because everybody always picks us apart."

Yesterday, Jenner came to Kim Kardashian’s defense when other criticized the star’s nude selfie.

"Walk with someone everyday before you judge them," she posted cryptically, which could have inspired her own #liberating Instagram just hours later.