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As he purportedly woos Selena Gomez for the 95th time, Justin Bieber needs to quit playing games with Kourtney Kardashian’s heart.

That’s according to her sister Kim, who is far from pleased with him now, and recently gave the little pip squeak a piece of her mind …

Kourtney Kardashian on Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Jelena Throwback Photo

While Kourtney was spotted at Justin’s concert on March 23, it was Selena who got all of his attention – and has for the past few weeks.

The never-ending love cycle of Jelena has fans frothing at the mouth, as it always does when the mediocre singers wish to boost album sales.

Only this time, there’s a Kardashian in the mix.

Amazingly, Kim wasn’t upset about Bieber giving it to Kourtney to begin with, but is upset that he ditched her for his on-off-on-off lover.

What a world we live in today, people.

In any case, Kim pulled him aside and berated him – in a calm voice, her eyes looking through his soul, according to Hollywood Life.

SIDE NOTE: Her eyes looking through his soul? WTF!?! The most boring two humans ever are now having a deep, profound moment?

Kim told the pop singer that the thing her older sibling needs is to be involved in a love triangle right now, given all she’s been through.

Then, the hilariously detailed source claims, Kim "asked Justin if he knew what the word vulnerable means," and the miscreant said no.

It gets better still:

"She told him his homework assignment was to look it up, understand the meaning, and to think of Kourt when he reads the definition."

Just. Epic.

"Kim really didn’t want to ruin Justin’s night by talking his ear off and preaching, but she doesn’t want anyone messing with her family."

Hey, you gotta drop some knowledge on a little douche sometimes. Class is in session! The esteemed Prof. Kim Kardashian presiding!

Ridiculous, anonymous gossip and quotes aside, Justin is getting back together with Selena Gomez in all likelihood. As for Kourtney?

She dodged a bullet. If the thought of Justin Bieber grinding on you has long-term appeal, you are very likely in need of help anyway.

No offense, Selena …