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Justin Bieber got people talking last week when he posted a years-old photo of him kissing Selena Gomez.

But forget the past, folks. There’s plenty in the present for Jelena supporters to buzz over.

Selena Gomez with Fans
Photo via Mario Mitsis/
Justin Bieber Covers Up
Photo via Will Alexander/

With renewed chatter regarding a romantic reconciliation making the Internet rounds, Gomez was spotted in the crowd at Bieber’s Los Angeles concert inside Staples Center on Wednesday night.

Moreover, the 22-year old artist was standing very close to the stage, in the sound mixing area of the arena.

Someone pretty special must have provided Gomez with such a seat, huh?

Multiple fans in attendance snapped photos of Selena in attendance and shared the intriguing images on Instagram. To wit:

Selena Watches Justin

Just days before this sighting, Bieber threw it back to 2011 on social media, posting a picture of him smooching Selena on the lips and writing "Feels" as a caption.

Gomez quickly responded to the photo with the word "perfect."

There’s no way of knowing for sure what any of this means for the future of Justin and Selena as a couple.

But there’s also no way they weren’t aware of how these images and comments would start the rumor mill churning once again.

The stars, of course, dated on and off for many years before finally calling it quits in 2014.

At various times, each has made it clear that the other holds a unique place in his or her heart, but Selena also told W Magazine last month that she is "so done" talking about her ex-boyfriend.

Might she have simply meant that she doesn’t want to talk about Bieber because she just wants to ride Bieber all night long?

It’s starting to seem that way again, isn’t it?