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It’s been three months since Javi Marroquin deployed for a tour of overseas duty with the US Air Force. 

Rumors that he and Kailyn Lowry were on the verge of calling it quits began circulating even before he shipped out, and a widely circulated photo of Javi with another woman didn’t help matters.

Now, Kaliyn’s latest tweet is only adding fuel to the gossip fire:

“You only realize how much you want something when you know you can’t have it,” the Teen Mom 2 star wrote last night.

Naturally, many fans are taking the tweet as a reference to her troubled relationship.

While it is hard to imagine what else Kailyn might have been thinking about when she posted that tweet, it’s hardly the divorce announcement that some fans are making it out to be.

In fact, just last month, Lowry excitedly announced that Marroquin will be returning home ahead of schedule.

It’s possible that their relationship status has changed since then, but we’re guessing Kailyn and Javi will at least try to make things work once he returns home.

Of course, it’s possible they’ve adopted an “out of sight, out of mind” (or, to put it in military terms, “don’t ask, don’t tell”) policy in the meantime.

Kailyn was hanging put with her ex, Jo Rivera, just last week, and she has yet to respond to claims that they’re more than just friends.

Basically, no one has any idea what’s going on with these two.

Frankly, at this point, we wouldn’t be surprised by any outcome.