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Rumors that Jill Duggar is pregnant with her second baby have been circulating pretty much since the day she gave birth to her first one.

This time, however, Jill is giving fans reason to speculate by posting a photo that appears to be cropped in order to conceal a baby bump:

Jill Duggar Baby Bump Image?

The image shows Jill with Derick Dillard and son Israel just before church on Easter Sunday last weekend.

Many fans have commented that she seems to be wearing a maternity-style shirt, though it’s difficult to tell without being able to see more of her outfit.

Obviously, the Duggars are a family that likes to procreate, so why would Jill hide her pregnancy from the public?

Well, that’s where this gets interesting.

For starters, she and Derick are currently performing missionary work in Central America – a region that’s currently being ravaged by the mosquito-borne Zika virus.

It’s unknown what, if any, impact the virus has on adults, but its effects on the children of infected mothers are devastating.

For a while, it was rumored that Jill and Derick would return home from their mission trip to avoid the risk of infection.

Women living in their part of the world have been cautioned to avoid getting pregnant for at least two years.

That’s an unthinkable prospect for a young, newlywed Duggar, but it seems that Jill and Derick are sticking it out.

There have also been rumors that the Dillards have even received special permission to violate church’s teachings and use birth control.

Obviously, that’s not the sort of matter the couple will be discussing publicly any time soon.

Whatever the case, many believe that part of the reason that Jill and Derick have decided to stay put is to save face.

They felt a tremendous amount of backlash from fans the last time they cut a mission trip short, especially in light of the fact that they received donations from supporters to fund their efforts.

Here’s hoping the Dillards’ fear of bad publicity won’t lead them to take any major health risks … and that perhaps this is much ado about nothing.

These are the Duggars, though. Where there’s smoke …