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Demi Lovato is busy making new music these days, while also planning a tour with Nick Jonas and remaining clean and sober.

In other words: she doesn’t have time for your crap. Hear that, haters?

Demi Lovato Goes Glam

On Tuesday afternoon, the artist felt a need to defend herself on Twitter after a couple people apparently grew upset at her ignoring them in public.

"No matter how long I’ve been doing this, sometimes the madness with the yelling and pushing becomes overwhelming and to avoid people either getting hurt or having more anxiety, I go inside hoping my fans will understand," Lovato wrote.

She didn’t delve into specifics, but it seems as if some fans were hoping for an autograph and/or a few moments with the singer.

But Lovato was simply unable to provide them with either.

"Today I had 2 instances where I had rude things yelled at me because I didn’t stop for every single person," she added.

"When stuff like that happens it actually really sucks. It’s not okay and just remember, I’m used to getting hate but I’m human too. So please..Take your negativity elsewhere."

Lovato, of course, is never afraid to speak her mind.

She even called out Taylor Swift last month for being a fake feminist.

In this case, however, Demi said her piece and then moved on to a professional announcement:

She and Jonas will be headlining the 15th anniversary of the Honda Civic Tour: Future Now where attendees will get to hear all their old singles and new tracks, including Demi’s single "Stone Cold."

"Being able to tour with someone you have considered one of  your best friends for 9, 10 years, you don’t get to do that often," Lovato said at this week’s press conference, teasing a duet in the process:

"We are working out the details, we are trying to figure everything out. We want it to be an unforgettable experience. We are very hands on with all the details. If you ask me in two months I can give you a solid answer."