Demi Lovato Celebrates Four Years of Sobriety

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Demi Lovato is still not engaged to Wilmer Valderrama.

But that doesn't mean the singer lacks a reason to celebrate this week.

Demi Lovato: Who Needs Makeup?!?

The artist, who is as open about her personal life as any celebrity in Hollywood, has now been sober for four years.

"This last year I experienced so much life and too much death," Lovato Tweeted on Monday in honor of the milestone, adding:

"But I made it through… Sober. #4Years #GodsWill."

It really has been an especially trying few months for Demi.

She has lost two dogs, two uncles and great-grandfather in the last year alone.

But the singer has a loving boyfriend by her side, fans who adore her and a music career that shows no signs of slowing down.

Lovato spent time in rehab in late 2012 for substance abuse issues and also for an eating disorder, but she's more confident than ever these days.

She is also unafraid to speak on her experiences, especially if she thinks they could help anyone else suffering from low self-esteem.

"I was dealing with bipolar depression and didn't know what was wrong with me," Lovato said in an interview with HuffPost Live last May.

"Little did I know, there was a chemical imbalance in my brain. Because I didn't tell people what I need, I ended up self-medicating and coping with very unhealthy behaviors."

A couple days before her official sobriety anniversary, Lovato also took to Twitter and wrote:

"I can't believe I have four years. Anything is possible."

We could not be prouder of you, Demi.

Keep setting a great example for young women around the world and just keeping being you. God bless.

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