Blac Chyna Shares "Chubby Face" Yearbook Pic!

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While most folks would rather keep their yearbook photos buried deep in a closet at their mom's house, Blac Chyna is openly sharing hers.

Rocking straight blond(ish) hair, minimal makeup and one of those traditional black, off-the-shoulder drapey things they make the girls wear on picture day, the model recently shared this pic to Instagram:

Blac Chyna Yearbook Photo

"Girl bye... Chubby face... 17 years old," she wrote in the caption.

Looking like a typical high schooler, Blac (known as Angela White back in the day) appears adorable yet far less glam than we usually see her.

However, her face is still pretty much the same when you compare it to this makeup-free photo her boyfriend Rob Kardashian recently shared:

Blac Chyna's Makeup-Free Instagram

Okay, maybe she lost a little of the "chubby face."

Blac posted the throwback pic on the evening of Rob's family birthday party at Nobu in Malibu - the one she was conspicuously absent from.

We don't know if she wasn't invited or she opted out, but it looks as though Rob's family is still not quite ready to accept her just yet. 

Of course, Blac's baby daddy Tyga was there with her arch nemesis Kylie Jenner, so her presence may have been a tad awkward.

Still, Rob picked Blac to spend most of his special day with.

The two celebrated the day before his birthday at Legoland, and she was with him on the day of his birthday as well, when they kept it low key with a cheat-day trip to In-N-Out Burger.

Whether makeup-free or ultra glam, it looks like Rob's affection for Blac is only growing stronger.