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Ariel Winter just debuted a brand new look on Instagram: she’s a redhead!

The former brunette shared a photo and a video showing off her new fiery tresses.

Ariel Winter with red hair

"I’m now a strawberry!" she wrote in the caption. Although, to be precise, she used a strawberry emoji.

It’s shocking what a simple hair change can do – the 18-year-old actress looks nearly unrecognizable (yet still gorgeous) in the new pic.

We can’t help but wonder if the new look will be incorporated into the Modern Family storyline, but a bold move like this is not one we’d expect from her character, the smart yet nerdy Alex Dunphy.

Winter’s hair transformation comes on the heels of a color update recently made by one of her co-stars. 

Sarah Hyland, who plays Winter’s older sister on the sitcom, showed off a new, markedly darker hairstyle just two days ago.

Hyland traded in her brond (that’s a hybrid of blond and brunette, FYI), ombre locks for a raven hue.

Sarah Hyland dark hair

"Hello from the darker side," she wrote in the caption (channeling her inner Adele, we assume).

We don’t know if the color changes were coordinated or just a coincidence, but we have to say they’re both pulling it off marvelously.