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Viewers were not taken on a magic carpet ride during The Flash Season 2 Episode 13.

But that doesn’t mean this CW favorite didn’t depict a whole new world on Tuesday night.

Watch The Flash Season 2 Episode 13 Online
Watch The Flash Season 2 Episode 13 Online

And then some!

During a revealing trip to Earth-2, we were stunned to learn the following about our heroes’ dopplegangers in this unusual universe:

  • Barry and Iris are married.
  • Cisco is an even metahuman named Reverb who works for Zoom.
  • Cisco also learned that he has potential abilities that far exceed his wildest dreams and that they may one day come to fruition.
  • Bruce, Hal and Diana (also known as Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman) are on Earth-2 Barry’s speed dial.

The latter point of fact was really just a fun easter egg, but that didn’t change our reaction to it.

We’re still picking our jaw up off the floor.

What will all of this mean for Barry and company?

According to executive producers Aaron and Todd Helbing, who spoke to reporters about everything we learned on Earth-2…

Cisco saw the magnitude of the powers that he’s capable of, anything’s possible now,” Aaron Helbing says.

Captured by Zoom, Barry is in prison and will start to form a connection with Harry’s daughter… just as her father and Cisco seek out assistance from an unexpected source in order to save their loved ones, according to Todd Helbing.

Did you also notice a masked man opposite Barry’s cell?

He’s “there for a reason,” Helbing mysteriously previews.

We’ll see more of Earth-2 Barry down the line on The Flash Season 2.

“He’s quite a bit different,” Todd Helbing explains. “We really just gave Grant [Gustin] a few ideas, and he took it upon himself and created this amazing guy. It’s hilarious."

Yes, Caitlin has now fulfilled her comic book destiny of becoming Killer Frost on Earth-Two.

But this doesn’t mean the the Caitlin we know and love won’t take an icy turn.

"Right now, she’s not affected,” Todd Helbing says. “For that to happen, there’s going to have to be some scenario that would trigger that. Right now, it’s not a possibility.”

What a crazy hour, huh?

Relive it all when you watch The Flash online and then sound off below: What was your favorite part of Earth-2?