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According to contrasting recent reports, Kocktails with Khloe has either been renewed for another run of episodes

… or it’s about to be canceled.

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But while the long-term future of this FYI program is apparently up in the air, there is no debate over its short-term prospects.

Taye Diggs, David Arquette, Kat DeLuna and Katie O’Brien will appear this week as guests on Kocktails with Khloe.

Yes, Taye Diggs.

Unlike past panelists – such as Tyga and Scott Disick (and everyone else listed above) – who has little else to do in life, it’s unclear why Diggs agreed to take part in the show.

He’s one of the busiest actors in Hollywood, having come off roles in The Good Wife, Rosewood and Murder in the First in the last year-plus alone.

Why has he sunken to a low in which he’s Twerking alongside someone named Kat DeLuna in order to shake up their martinis? We may never know…

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Along with being silly, Diggs actually gets pretty deep in a separate conversation with the group.

Watch him compare ethnicity to identity in the following clip and how each relates to his biracial son:

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Don’t get us wrong: we love to stare at Taye Diggs.

But we’re just wondering why his shirt is on in these sneak peeks and what dirt the Kardashians must have on him to get him to be a guest.