Scott Disick, Tyga & Chris Brown: New Douche Squad Alert!

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are (not) proud to present a new douche squad on the horizon.

Tyga, Scott Disick and Chris Brown

Seminal members include Tyga, Scott Disick and, of course, Chris Brown.

The three were seen partying together at Tyga's house last night around 9:30 p.m. with who else but a bunch of model-type women, a source tells E! News.

The Lord Disick was reportedly "full on trying to hook up" with one of the women, evidently not giving a hoot about discretion.

"Scott was with one girl the whole time, holding her hand and leading her around the house," claimed the source. "They were laughing, smiling, and it was obvious Scott was into her. They'd disappear for a while and come back."

Jeebus, this dude REALLY knows how to blow it, doesn't he? 

Scott has made it very clear that he wants to win his ex Kourtney Kardashian back, and it almost seemed like he was making strides in that arena over the past week.

Last week, Kourt shared a throwback pic of the two of them as a couple before their kids were born, and just yesterday they were photographed together arm in arm while shopping in Calabasas.

And now this. Guess you can't teach an old d-bag new tricks. Like, how not to act like a d-bag.

As for Tyga, well, he wasn't seen drinking, but he did smoke with Chris Brown.

T-Raww's girlfriend Kylie Jenner was nowhere to be found, but she did say the other day that she plans to marry the rapper, because, well, we have no stinking idea.

After the pre-game party, the squad headed to 1OAK nightclub in West Hollywood, but weren't there for long. The source noted that some of the girls went back to Tyga's place after they left the club.

I mean, COME ON.

Each of these guys' reputations reads like a chapter from the How to Be a Gigantic Piece of Sh*t handbook: the alcoholic philanderer, the dude who hits on underage chicks and, of course, the convicted girlfriend beater.

What a grand posse they make together.

We've heard Justin Bieber's application for membership is still pending.

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