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Just when we had given up on the possibility that Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian would ever get back together, it looks as though the troubled couple might be giving it another go!

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Get Friendly

Yes, Scott and Kourtney were spotted getting affectionate with one another while shopping for a mutual friend’s wedding registry in Calabasas yesterday.

Obviously, it’s not exactly confirmation that they’re back together, but given how hard Scott has been fighting to win Kourtney back, we doubt she’d send him this sort of signal unless she was at least open to the idea of a reconciliation.

And this isn’t the first sign that these two might be rekindling their romance.

Just last week, Kourtney posted a photo of Scott on her Instagram page in honor of “flashback Friday.”

Of course, these two may have to clear some major hurdles before they can start shacking up again.

In addition to the problems that caused them to go their separate ways in the first place, Scott and Kourt are each rumored to be hooking up with new celebs.

Sources say Disick is hooking up with Amber Rose, while Kourtney is reportedly back together with Justin Bieber.

So getting back together might mean sparking some new A-list feuds – fortunately that’s something that both Scott and Kourtney are used to at this point.