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Earlier this month, Kylie Jenner shared a photo of herself showing off a new tattoo on the inside of her upper left arm, but the shot was too far away to discern what it was.

Kylie Jenner Script Tattoo

We could tell it was some kind of script in red ink, but the words were illegible.

Today, however, she ended the suspense and posted a close-up of the new tat and explained what it meant.

It reads "Mary Jo," which is the name of Kylie’s maternal grandmother.

Kylie Jenner arm tattoo

In the caption, she wrote, "grandmothers name in my grandfathers handwriting."

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that Kris Jenner actually has a mother and wasn’t just dropped here on earth by evil aliens to torture us all with every last detail of her overbearing family.

(Like this one. We see the irony.)

However, we have to admit, the tattoo is a touching homage.

This is the third piece of skin art we know of for Kylie, who also boasts a tiny red heart on her upper right arm and what appears to be the word "Sanity" spelled out phonetically in red ink on her right hip.

With the amount of ink Kylie keeps getting, we wonder if she’s going for a new gangsta image.

Last week her bae Tyga posted a photo of her with a grill across her teeth, which we all agreed looked pretty dumb.