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Kylie Jenner has millions of followers and millions of dollars.

But it's still hard not to stop and wonder: What, exactly, does Kylie Jenner do? Aside from pose in her underwear and in a bikini, that is?

The answer, according to comedian Ben Siemon, is... stuff.

Siemon has created an Instagram titled "@kyliejennerdoestuff," replacing the teenager's phone with various objects in order to prove argue that we're wrong: Kylie actually does A LOT!

We have no idea where Siemon came up with these ideas, but we send him endless kudos while we pass along examples of his inspiring work below...

1. She saves babies!

She saves babies!
From burning buildings! It's a good thing Kylie was only wearing a bathing suit or else she would have been REALLY hot.

2. She hangs out with Sonia Sotomayor!

She hangs out with Sonia Sotomayor!
Take some clothes off and relax, Your Honor. Make yourself at home.

3. She celebrates Hanukah!

She celebrates Hanukah!
You do not want to mess with Kylie when it comes to dreidel, people. She totally made hers out of clay.

4. She slides into home!

She slides into home!
No, this is not a dirty reference to her love life with Tyga.

5. She does the Thighmaster!

She does the Thighmaster!
See, critics? She had to sit in this wheelchair so she could get a workout in.

6. She volunteers for the Salvation Army!

She volunteers for the Salvation Army!
We're guessing she brings in quite a few more bucks than the other people who do this.

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