Kylie Jenner Tattoo Update: What Did She Get Now?

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What Kylie Jenner wants, Kylie Jenner gets.

Back in late October, Kylie said she wanted another tattoo. And... guess what?

Kylie Jenner Tattoo

Kylie has gotten another tattoo!

The 18-year old reality star took to Instagram over the weekend in order to show off a new piece of body art, captioning the above image with two simple words:

"All red."

The new tattoo appears to be the word "Sanity," spelled out phonetically in red ink across Jenner's right hip.

Kylie also has a tattoo on her left hip, though she's yet to give fans a close-up snapshot of it.

But most believe it to be the phonetic spelling of an unconfirmed word. (Insanity, perhaps?)

Kylie, of course, typically draws attention to her body via her ever-changing lips (see below).

However, she drew attention to her finger over the weekend upon sharing a picture of a giant diamond ring.

Is she engaged to long-time boyfriend Tyga?!?

No, Kylie insisted in a follow-up message, despite clearly wanting her followers to believe this possibility at first.

We need to give Kylie Jenner credit, we suppose.

From her lips to her hips, her finger to her cleavage, the teenager has managed to make a major name for herself by doing essentially nothing except featuring various body parts in a variety of Instagram photos.

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