Kris Jenner Shares ADORABLE Throwback Pic of Kim, Kourtney, Khloe & Rob

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These days, when we see one of the Kardashians, they're either baring their buns, throwing some shade or bemoaning one first world problem or another.

But mom Kris Jenner just reminded us that these tragic souls who now infiltrate our Internet feeds daily were once innocent little children - in bad clothes.

Kardashians as kids

Kris shared the photo above to Instagram, along with the caption, "I swear, lace was all the rage in the 90s... #FBF #family #love #proudmama"

Hey, I was alive in the 90s, and I don't remember all that lace. In fact, judging from this photo we've got to wonder if all four kids were adopted from the Amish.

But questionable children's fashion aside, the pic is pretty damn adorable.

You can see the similarities in Kim and Kourtney's adult faces, but little Khloe is almost unrecognizable. And Rob, well, could he be any stinking cuter?

The momager may have been inspired to post this Flashback Friday photo after her kids shared some of their own childhood photos earlier this week to honor their late father, Robert Kardashian, on his birthday.

Just look at this sweet photo of a young Rob smiling with his dad.

(This, of course, was long before the sock designer took to talking about his girlfriend's vagina on social media.)

Kim also used her father's birthday as the perfect opportunity to share the first photo of her son Saint West.

When looking at Kris' tiny grandkids today, you can't help but wonder, what will THEY be like when they grow up?

Lord, help us.

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