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For several months, it was never clear why Rob Kardashian was estranged from his family

Was he sick of the spotlight? Were there issues over his weight? Was he focused on his sock line?

Blac Chyna Kissing Rob Kardashian

Now, however, in the most Not Safe for Work fashion possible, the reality star has made it very clear why he’s spending so much time with girlfriend Blac Chyna instead of various family members.

Take it away, Rob!

Rob quote

Yes, Rob really did share this quote on Instagram last night.

It’s very poetic, don’t you think?

Kardashian also captioned the image himself with two crying face emojis.

Earlier this week, Rob purchased a mansion and may have invited Blac Chyna to live with him.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the objections of his relatives, Rob continues to get serious with Tyga’s baby mama, the woman who shaded Kylie Jenner numerous times on social media prior to hooking up with her half-brother.

After sort of laying low at the outset of their relationship, Rob and Chyna now talk openly about each other online and often pose together on Instagram.

Once you start telling the world about your girlfriend’s lady parts, you know things are serious, right?

But is this merely a revenge relationship for both parties?

Or might real feelings be involved?

Rob has supposedly lost 40 pounds with the help of Chyna, who has him exercising and eating well after his Diabetes diagnosis late last year.

It’s easy to make fun of the tandem, especially when Rob shares vagina-related quotes such as this with the public, but who are we question true love?!?

Keep tapping that, Rob. Do whatever makes you happy.