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Due to her most dishonorable past, Jenelle Evans gave up custody of her son Jace, 6, to her mother Barbara years ago. 

But now that she’s cleaned up her act, Jenelle is making it clear: she wants him back.

Jenelle on Insta

There’s just one problem. Barbara doesn’t want to give him to her.

In a blog post entitled "Overcoming Life’s Obstacles," Jenelle spills the beans about her battle for custody with Babs.

"I’m going to fight a tough battle between my own mother and me because she will not let me have my son back," she wrote.

Jenelle’s relationship with her mother has been rocky for some time, and the Teen Mom 2 star’s tumultuous past with drugs and the law certainly tipped the scales in Babs’ favor.

It’s not too surprising that Grandma might be reluctant to turn the child over to his mother, who has been arrested 16 times, including an arrest for assault just last August

However, Jenelle thinks her mom’s motives are selfish.

"I think maybe she’s too attached to him, or maybe she doesn’t want to be alone," she wrote.

"I never thought my mother would still put up such a battle with me, knowing I’m sober, knowing my dating life is perfect, and everything has been smooth sailing since I’ve moved back. Whatever the case may be, I think I’ve waited long enough."

Maybe Nana just wants her daughter to go an entire year without getting picked up by the fuzz.

To her credit, Jenelle has been making positive strides in her life.

She’s gotten sober, she earned her college degree and claims to be in a stable relationship with "amazing" boyfriend David Eason, although the dalliance is still relatively new.

"I’m hoping within these next couple of months that getting custody of Jace is going to be the biggest accomplishment I’ve ever made in my life, and I cannot wait until that day!" she closes out the post.

May the best woman win. And we mean that quite literally.