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In the department of News That We Definitely Did Not See Coming…

… some people out there think singer Katy Perry is really late beauty pageant princess JonBenet Ramsey.

Katy Perry Is JonBenet Ramsey: A Conspiracy Theory

This unexpected rumor cropped up in late 2014 after some guy named Dave Johnson proclaimed in a YouTube video (above) that the infamous 1996 Ramsey murder case was all a hoax.

The video has once again gone viral, with Johnson explaining why he believes Perry has risen to fame while keeping her true identity a secret.

“All of these people are liars, man,” Johnson allegs over images of Ramsey and Perry.

“Nobody died, nobody got hurt. That sacrifice was in name only, and that was to get something, and that something was to become a star.

"JonBenet became Katy Perry, and that’s a fact.”

These supposed facts include Thomas’ claim that JonBenet’s parents look a lot like Perry’s parents … and that Perry and Ramsay have very similar eyebrows.

And that’s pretty much it.

“You know, the eyebrows don’t change much on a person,” another conspiracy theorist says in the video.

“You’re born with your eyebrows. They’re very close, very close indeed, aren’t they? …

"As you know, this whole entertainment industry is just a charade – you really don’t know the truth."

The mystery surrounding JonBenet Ramsay’s murder remains a subject of interest across the Internet. Family members were considered suspects for years after the tragic event, but were then cleared entirely in 2008.

No culprit has ever been found.

Still, call us crazy, but we don’t think this means that Katy Perry is JonBenet Ramsay.