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Earlier this week, we learned that the Duggar family will be returning to television in a full-time capacity beginning on March 15.

The news that Jill and Jessa: Counting On has been picked up by TLC for a full season served as a mild disappointment for some fans who had hoped there was truth behind the rumors of a reality show focusing on Jana Duggar’s love life.

Jana Pic

Jana has evolved into something of a fan favorite over the years, and with her younger sisters getting married and starting families, many Duggar devotees would love to see her find the right man and leave the compound behind.

Now, it seems that those viewers may get their wish, as the first trailer for Counting On contains a very brief cameo from Jana that some fans are interpreting as a hint that she’ll find love in the show’s first season. 

It may just be wishful thinking on the fans’ part, or a clever way the network’s clever way of hooking viewers, but whatever the case, Jana is very happy about something in the preview. 

The portion of the extended preview that’s piqued the interest of many viewers features a shot of Jana smiling and saying, "I totally didn’t see this coming."

Is she talking about meeting the right man? Only time will tell, but for now, it looks like Jana boosters have something to be excited about.