Jana & Jinger Duggar to Star in New Reality Show?!

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It's been six months since 19 Kids and Counting was canceled, and the Duggar family is still trying to finagle its way back onto television on a full-time basis.

Might this unlikely duo be their return ticket?

4 Duggar Sisters

Jill & Jessa: Counting On received very mixed responses in its limited three-episode run, and you might think that would be enough to doom the family's chances of reaching a long-term deal with TLC.

But two previously lesser-known Duggar siblings might be able to save the day.

Sources say the network has expressed an interest in developing a series that would focus on Jana Duggar, 25, and Jinger Duggar, 22.

Insiders say the show would focus on "what it's like to be a single woman looking for love in a strictly religious home."

The girls have been fan favorites for years, but family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar has reportedly been resistant to the idea of featuring them in their own series.

After all, Duggar women aren't even allowed to have social media accounts until they're engaged, much less star in reality shows.

With options dwindling, however, Jim Bob may be left with no other choice if he wants his kids to retain their spot in the public eye.

Jinger's kind words about Anna Duggar made for one of the most memorable moments of Counting On, and fans of the family have long been fascinated with Jana.

Though she's older than both Jill and Jessa, Jana is still single and continues to live at home with her parents and her many, many siblings.

The situation has led to wild speculation about Jana's views on her role in the family, as well as rumors about her love life.

Just last year, it was reported that "Cinderella Duggar" Jana was dating Tim Tebow, the famously devout former NFL quarterback.

The reports turned out to be false, but the fascination with the soon-to-be 26-year-old Jana's private life remains. 

For now, however, she and Jinger will continue to spend their time at the Duggar compound helping to look after their parents' massive brood.

Will they break free? We can only hope ... and pray that there will be a reality TV crew on hand to capture that emancipation.

Follow the link to watch Jill & Jessa: Counting On online in order to see how the girls made such an impression on viewers.

Then check out the galleries above, and below, for some beautiful photos of each and see why this would be must-see TV.

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