Grammy Awards Playback: A Night to Remember!

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The biggest night in music has come, gone and left certain songs stuck in our head.

Which acts stood out from the rest? Who may want to fire his or her stylist? Has the world yet recovered from a subpar Adele performance?

It's time to relive the 2016 Grammy Awards, readers!

The night, of course, belonged to Taylor Swift, with the most beloved solo artist on the planet opening the event with a rendition of "Out of the Woods" and then sticking it to Kanye West upon winning Album of the Year:

But Kendrick Lamar and Lady Gaga both knocked Swift off the viral front page for a few moments at least, thanks to two of the most memorable performances we'll see this year:

Not everyone loved Gaga's tribute to David Bowie, however, including Bowie's own son. Awkward!

Not everyone loved Swift, either, most notably Tori Kelly.

Just consider the reaction of this budding star when watching Swift accept the night's final trophy:

Who are we kidding overall, however?

Forget the music. Forget the awards themselves. Forget the major cases of side eye.

What do these types of ceremonies always come down to? THE FASHION!

Who dressed best, worst and somewhere in between? Compare, contrast and decide below: