Grammy Awards GIFs: The Best! The Worst! The Most Awkward!

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The 2016 Grammy Awards crowned Taylor Swift as the first-ever female to win Album of the Year on two occasions.

It also featured Kendrick Lamar setting the stage on literal fire, along with Lady Gaga making like David Bowie and Sofia Vergara dressing like a taxi.

For real.

Which moments stood out as memorable, for both positive and negative reasons?

Scroll through the best GIFs from music's biggest night below:

1. Kicking Things Off

Kicking Things Off
Of course Taylor Swift opened the 2016 Grammy Awards. And of course she knocked Out of the Woods out of the park.

2. Here She Comes

Here She Comes
Swift wasn't just Out of the Woods at the Grammys. She came out of the crowd as well.

3. Making Like Bowie

Making Like Bowie
We'd have to imagine that David Bowie is up there, smiling down and applauding Gaga for her effort.

4. Lady Gaga Honors David Bowie

Lady Gaga Honors David Bowie
This was simply incredible. Lady Gaga honored David Bowie in a six-plus minute set. We loved it.

5. A Salute from Kendrick Lamar

A Salute from Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar saluted the crowd after winning Best Rap Album. We salute him for his amazing performance.

6. Totes. On. Fire.

Totes. On. Fire.
Kendrick Lamar was simply amazing on stage. He would have been on fire even if there was no fire present.

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