Farrah Abraham Does Facebook Q&A; Gets ROASTED By Fans!

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Farrah Abraham is not particularly well-liked.

Teen Mom fans can't stand her, and (as evidenced by the recently-leaked video in which Catelynn Lowell calls Farrah a "hoebag") she's not especially beloved by her co-stars, either.

So when MTV arranged for Farrah to do a Facebook Q&A with fans, they probably knew that it wouldn't go very well - and, man, were they right.

Since Farrah has bragged about not "needing" Teen Mom anymore, and has even gone so far as to try and violently shove a producer on camera, many of the inquiries were some variation of "why the hell are you still on the show?"

A fair question, to be sure.

Below you will find that one among the most-liked questions (and comments) that weren't immediately deleted by the 24-year-old:

  • “Why do u feel entitled and treat everyone like sh-t?”
  • "My question is why are you still on Teen Mom when you have said time and time again that you do not need this show or want to be on it?"
  • "You say that you don’t want Sophia being around drama and fighting, but yet you yell at your own Mother right in front of her to see and hear?"
  • "You would be NOTHING without [the show's producers] except some skanky knocked up ex cheerleader."
  • "Why are you such a rude and disrespectful c--t?"
  • "Please don’t be in the next season.You suck."

Like we said, it wasn't a fun day for poor Farrah.

But surprisingly, Ms. Abraham tried to keep things cordial and instead of firing back with her own insults, she merely gave us the following Palin-esque word salad:

"I don't take kindly to those around me acting like I need to thank them for my opportunities of doing this show. Realize God blesses us not people.

"Also remember while you judge me for saying one thing you all also do the same thing so do not contradict your selves but a lot to type so I'm done."

So there you have it ... we guess.

In any case, you can always watch Teen Mom online for more head-scratchers from FA, and remember: God blesses us not people!

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