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On Valentine’s Day, Rob Kardashian showered Blac Chyna with presents, but sources say she’s given him something far more valuable: a renewed sense of purpose.

Rob Kardashian in a Tux

You might remember that before he became the reclusive Kardashian, Rob was designing a line of high-end socks for men.

Hey, everyone needs a storyline for their reality show career goals, right?

Rob kinda got away from the sock game around the time he decided to devote his life to drinking, smoking pot and playing video games, but apparently, Blac has inspired him to get back in the game in a big way.

Not only is Blac advertising for Rob’s socks the best way she knows how (with her ass), she’s also inspired him to expand hs Arthur George collection into a fashion line.

According to TMZ, Rob has filed legal documents to expand production and start designing belts, coats, dresses, headwear, jackets, tuxedos and underwear.

Yes, like Blac Chyna, you’ll soon be able to have Rob Kardashian all over your entire body.

Rob filed the papers just a few days after the world learned he was hooking up with Blac, so it seems she’s at least partially responsible for his return to the fashion world.

Obviously, it remains to be seen if the venture will be successful, but Rob’s family is reportedly thrilled that he’s getting back into the game.

This relationship isn’t such a bad thing after all.