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It seems that Beyonce-Jay Z divorce rumors pop up about once a month or so, and obviously, nothing has come of them thus far.

Even so, the latest reports of marital strife within music’s most successful couple (sorry, Gwen and Blake) have us wondering if the Carters might actually be ready to call it quits.

Fresh on the heels of reports that Jay and Bey have reached a “post-nuptial” agreement in order to make their split as smooth as possible, Radar Online is reporting that the power couple is “not even trying to hide the tension anymore” and recently engaged in an ugly screaming match at their Bel Air rental property.

“She was screaming at him at the top of her lungs,” says a source close to the situation. “Beyonce told him that she just could not deal with it anymore!”

The insider adds that the argument (which was apparently so loud that it was overheard by neighbors) was just one of many recent indicators that the parents of 4-year-old Blue Ivy are ready to call it quits.

“Beyonce and Jay Z have been living in separate bedrooms in their house pretty much since they moved in,” says the source. “This recent fight seemed to be one of their worst!”

First Kim and Kanye, now Jay and Bey. Seems like some rappers should spend less time watching the throne and more time working on their marriages! We’ll show ourselves out.