Beyonce & Jay Z: Working on Post-Nuptial Agreement Ahead of Divorce?

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Rumors of Beyonce and Jay Z getting divorced have been circulating for about as long the A-list couple has been married.

Obviously, they've all turned out to be bogus thus far, but that doesn't mean the Carters don't want to be prepared in the event that they do eventually call it quits.

Several media outlets are now reporting that Jay and Beyonce are working on a "post-nuptial" agreement. The rich are different than you and me:

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“They have a pre-nuptial agreement already in place, but so much has happened in terms of their empire that it’s needed updating for some time,” says one insider.

“When they went through their roughest period last year, they both agreed it was time to re-clarify certain aspects of their agreement, but it’s taken months to go through all their assets with a fine-tooth comb."

Yes, it seems like even Jay and Bey were shook by all that talk of $1 billion divorces.

Some have gone so far as to suggest that this is the first sign that a split is on the way. We wouldn't go quite that far.

The bad news is that it means these two have considered divorce as a very real possibility.

The good news is, having to draft a second prenup because you're bringing in so much cheddar might be the most baller thing in the history of marriage.

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