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Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned some pretty troubling things about Amber Portwood’s fiance, Matt Baier.

Amber Portwood and Fiance Matt Baier

First, we found out that the 44-year-old radio DJ has seven kids by multiple different women, and he isn’t exactly Dad of the Year material.

In fact, Baier is being sued by five baby mamas for back child support. 

Of course, all of this was kept from Amber, and other stories that have emerged from his past seem to serve as further evidence that Baier is a liar and a thief.

Now, Amber is setting the record straight, confirming that she plans to stand by her man, and clearing up the issue of just how many kids Baier is responsible for:

"There have been many stories and allegations surrounding Matt’s past," Portwood said in a recent statement to MTV News.

"Just as my own journey has proven, people make mistakes and should be given a second chance without being judged solely on those choices. We are happy and focused on building our future together.

"When Gary approached me with all the cameras there, I think that was really tasteless. I think what his main goal was to humiliate us and to try to make our family look like it’s not stable because this was when we were in the big custody battle.

"It’s not accurate. [Matt] does only have five kids. I can say that today we’re in a great place.

"That was a few months ago. Matt still says he has five kids. The thing I always go for me to is if he has five, why the hell wouldn’t he tell me if he has seven?"

Why would a liar lie when he could just tell the truth? Good question, Amber. You’re certainly not alone in wondering that.

Anyway, Ms. Portwood continued her defense of Baier on Twitter, where she posted the following over the weekend:

"This reaction just absolutely disgusts me. How can you guys forgive me for my past but bash Matt for his! Why are you even following me?

"Not only did he have a job but his x boss works on our houses we’re flipping. I’m just shocked at these reactions honestly."

It’s true that Amber’s fans seem to have forgiven her past indiscretions, but unlike Matt, she paid her debt to society and admit that she’d done wrong, which is a huge part of the whole "seeking forgiveness" thing.