Matt Baier: Amber Portwood's Fiance is a Lying Thief, Former Friend Claims

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It takes a lot for Amber Portwood to realize she's made a bad decision, but we're guessing even she's starting to realize that getting engaged to Matt Baier was a big mistake.

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Amber was warned against getting involved with Matt from the start, but - as is her tendency - she ignored the sound advice of her family, friends, and fans and rushed headlong into an awful situation.

As we learned on this week's episode of Teen Mom: O.G. Matt appears to have seven kids from multiple different women, some of whom he may not have seen in years.

Now, it seems Baier is being sued by five baby mamas for back child support.

Needless to say, Baier is looking pretty shady these days, and the latest from report from Radar Online featuring a troubling story from a former friend certainly isn't helping.

Judy Cornett is a well-known child safety activist who's been a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show and written countless articles advocating for at-risk youth.

She met Baier in 2008, and - thinking that he was similarly passionate about the issue - invited him to stay at her home so that they could attend a protest together.

She began to regret the mistake when Baier wouldn't stop coming on to her.

"He was very flirtatious, but I wasn't receptive to it," Cornett claims. 

Baier lingered in Cornett's home in Tampa for a full two weeks, during which time Cornett made an appearance on a local television show, for which she was paid $1,500 in cash.

After leaving Baier alone in the house to run errands, Cornett returned home to find that the money was gone.

Cornett says Baier denied stealing the cash and broke down in tears. Shortly thereafter, he claimed he had a friend wire him the money and gave her the entire missing sum.

I made him get in a cab and leave," Cornett says. "I never saw him again."

She concludes her interview with Radar with a personal message for Amber:

"Please understand that this is not a personal vendetta against Matt and I am not trying to create any problems for your TV show. I'm a mother and I also care for you and your sobriety," Cornett says.

"I am fearful that Matt has not changed. I personally feel that he is still continuing his behavior of conning, manipulating and lying his way through life. He has been searching for that pot of gold and I believe he probably thinks he has found it with you."

Amber, you may want to listen. It could save you a lot of trouble.

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