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Earlier this month, rumors about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris shacking up were all over the Internet. 

Taylor Swift Looks Great
Calvin Harris Red Carpet Image
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As it turned out, Taylor was just staying with Calvin temporarily while her own home was undergoing some remodeling.

Needless to say, some fans were disappointed. Fortunately, we have some good news for Swifties who have been ‘shipping the lanky young musicians since day one:

According to several sources, Calvin recently placed his Hollywood Hills mansion up for sale.

That may not mean a whole lot on its own, but in this case, timing is everything.

Taylor and Calvin have been dating for almost a year, and she recently paid for renovations to her home.

We’re not saying for sure that she was putting in a man cave with a DJ’s booth, but it would be sort of odd for Calvin to move into a new place by himself at this point in their relationship.

Whatever the case, it seems like the rumors that Taylor dumped Calvin after he was caught paying for a "happy ending" massage were bogus. 

Our prediction is that we’ll receive official word that Caylor is living under the same roof before the month is out. Then again, you never know with these two.