Taylor Swift DUMPS Calvin Harris Over His Love of "Happy Ending" Massages?!

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Last month, Calvin Harris was spotted leaving a Thai massage parlor known for providing its clients with "happy endings."

Taylor Swift was busy welcoming various celebrities on stage as part of her seemingly never-ending 1989 Tour, and it seemed that she wasn't bothered by her boyfriend's fondness for rub-and-tug establishments.

Now, however, Radar Online is reporting that Taylor quietly dumped Calvin over the weekend after realizing that there was more than just massages going on inside that parlor.

Taylor Swift at 2015 VMAs
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No stranger to cheaters, Taylor reportedly had her suspicions from the start, but Calvin was able to convince her that his $40-a-pop (tee-hee) sessions were no more unseemly than a visit to the chiropractors.

"When the photos got posted on Radar, said to him, 'What the f--k?" says one insider. "He lied to her. He gave some bullish-t excuse that his masseuse was sick and he needed his shoulder worked on."

As more facts came to light, Taylor reportedly realized that Calvin was just the latest in her string of philanderering boyfriends, and she firmly gave him the boot.

Sources say Harris has been desperately trying to fix the situation, but Taylor has remained firm in her insistence that it's over.

"He wanted to fly in to see her [on tour] and repair things, but her assistant called gave her a firm 'no,'" says one insider. "Instead he went to Vegas with his bros."

That's one way to get over being dumped.

Of course, we all know how Taylor handles breakups. Get ready to hear a multi-platinum song about what a piece of sh-t you are, Calvin!

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