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It’s been a strange month for Mel Gibson. Of course, that’s probably true of just about every month of Mad Mel’s existence.

Mel Gibson at Mad Max
Photo via Apega/

Last week, Gibson was roasted by Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes and found himself in the unusual situation of being asked to define the term "sugar tits" in front of Hollywood’s biggest stars and a TV audience of millions.

Mel’s not the most stable guy to begin with, so reports that the public humiliation he suffered at the Globes may have set him off on a bender aren’t terribly surprising.

Radar Online is now reporting that Mel appeared to be drunk during a recent visit to a Whole Foods location outside of Los Angeles.

“Mel went into the Whole Foods store in Thousand Oaks and was stumbling around,” says one witness.

“He came in with a big white fork in his mouth and he seemed unsteady. He tripped a couple of times and he was telling people he wasn’t really Mel Gibson.”

The onlooker says that when other customers recognized him, Mel insisted he wasn’t Mel (we don’t blame him) and treated them like employees of the store.

“‘How much is this?’ Mel would ask about the same item repeatedly, as if not understanding," one source says.

"He was saying he couldn’t find what he wanted and he couldn’t remember what he wanted. He looked like he was going to fall asleep.”

It might seem ridiculous for someone as well off as Mel to inquire about the price of his groceries, but this is Whole Foods we’re talking about. Just kidding, yuppies!

Apparently, Mel’s embarrassing behavior continued as he made his way to the checkout line with a plastic fork dangling from his mouth:

“He was extremely rude to people,” says one witness.

“It was a real turn-off because people saw that there was something going on with him, he wasn’t behaving politely at all and seemed unsteady.

“Mel went to the checkout line and tried to pay with his credit card but had to insert in three different ways for it to work."

On the plus side, Mel left the store without offering colorful nicknames for any female employees’ breasts, so the whole thing is a win by his standards.