Megyn Kelly Compares Donald Trump to THIS Movie Villain

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Megyn Kelly referred to Donald Trump as an animal with a very big nose to open the Republican debate on Fox News last night, asking a panel of Presidential hopefuls about the "elephant not in the room."

But it's a different word Kelly reportedly used to describe Trump that has the Internet in an uproar this morning.


Donald, of course, boycotted the debate in Iowa because he continues to believe Kelly has a vendetta against him.

He thinks she asked him unfair questions during an earlier debate in August, prompting Trump to slam Kelly as a "lightweight" who may have been on her period during their contentious Q&A.

Kelly had to ask Jeb Bush and company about the Republican front-runner not being in attendance at the event on Thursday evening, but aside from her opening question, she didn't mention Trump much at all as one of the Fox News moderators.

However, according to Ted Cruz, Kelly did have something negative to say about Trump prior to the debate airing on television.

In speaking to Kelly after the debate, Cruz brought up a conversation he had with the reporter a couple hours earlier.

"Well, you know, you were joking just before we went on air that it was sort of like Voldermort, He Who Must Not Be Named," Cruz mentioned in a post-debate interview with Kelly. 

Kelly didn’t deny making the comparison. She just smiled and continued on with the chat.

Hilariously, this is the second time someone has compared Donald Trump to the infamous Harry Potter villain.

Although author J.K. Rowling recently said Trump is actually WORSE than Voldemort.

You don't need to work very hard to see a resemblance, do you?


Trump, meanwhile, was off hosting a fundraiser for veterans while his competitors were debating the issues and talking about him.

"Iowa was amazing last night," he Tweeted afterward. "The event could not have worked out better. We raised $6,000,000 for our great vets. They were so happy & proud."

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