Tyga Moves Far Away From Kylie Jenner: Is It Over For Good?!

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These days, Kylie Jenner's feud with Blac Chyna is back to square one, as the two women continue to take shots at one another over the D-list rapper with whom they've both had relationships.

It's even been suggested that Blac's relationship with Rob Kardashian is just her way of getting back at Kylie. So we can imagine how shocked Blac will be when she finds out that the 18-year-old selfie queen probably isn't even dating Tyga anymore.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Get Papped!

According to TMZ Tyga has purchased a new home that's more than an hour's drive away from Kylie's house. Perhaps even more telling is the fact that the place was marketed as a "sexy bachelor pad."

It's a pretty sure sign of trouble in paradise, as just a few months ago the plan was for Tyga to move in with Kylie.

The couple wisely decided that that would be moving too fast, so Tyga looked into buying a house right next to Kylie's, but now it seems that idea was nixed as well.

So Tyga moving over 50 miles away from Kylie represents a major step backwards for the couple - if they're even still a couple at all.

If 50 miles doesn't sound that far, then you've clearly never spent much time in LA traffic.

Kylizzle and T-Raww love their expensive rides, but with their hectic schedules, we can't imagine either of them driving two hours round-trip on a regular basis.

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