Why Blac Chyna Might Be Exactly What Rob Kardashian Needs

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He's been battling depression, weight gain and health issues over the past few years, but there may be a light at the end of Rob Kardashian's tunnel.

Blac Chyna extreme close up

Yesterday, Kardashian posted a gym session photo on Instagram.  On the floor were two phones, one which was bedazzled AF.

Entertainment Tonight showed a photo of Kardashian and Blac Chyna in his car on January 27th, likely coming from or heading to a workout together.

The two, who are thought to be dating after Chyna shared an Instagram of herself wrapped in Kardashians's tattooed arm, seem to be good for one another.  

Chyna approached her trainer, Chris Jinna for workout tips and a meal plan for Rob to help him get back into shape.

"[She came to me] recently, maybe a week ago," Jinna told Us Weekly.

Rob Kardashian Shares a Photo From The Gym

"She just asked some type of tips for Rob, to get him a meal plan. So I created a plan for them and sent it over."

"They just want to basically get in shape," Jinna said. "Just have a healthier life, live a healthier lifestyle."

The coupling has allegedly pitted Kardashian against his family, since Chyna has a son with Tyga (who is dating Kardashian's younger sister, Kylie Jenner).

It seems, however, that Chyna is a positive force in Kardashian's life at the moment, so it's easy to ignore the fact that their being together is pissing off his family.

"Yes, Kylie feels betrayed, but she also doesn't see the need to publicly taunt him," a source told ET.

"If this relationship is good for Rob, even if it's temporary, then Kylie is not going to push it. She'll get over it."

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