Josh Duggar: Winning Legal Battle Against Danica Dillon?

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It looks like things might be going Josh Duggar's way for the first time in a very long time.

As you may have heard, Duggar is being sued by Danica Dillon for allegedly abusing the former adult film star during a paid sexual encounter. 

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Earlier this month, Duggar's lawyers asked the court to force Dillon to prove that the encounter took place, as Josh says he wasn't even in the same state as Dillon at the time she says they crossed paths.

The court agreed, and last week, Dillon was asked to furnish evidence that certain parts of her story (Josh frequenting the strip club where she worked, offering her money for sex, etc.) had taken the way that she said they had. 

Now, Radar Online is reporting that the deadline is today, and Dillon has yet to provide the proof that may be necessary for her case to continue.

Dillon's lawyers have requested an extension that would allow them to compile the medical records, lost wage information, and text messages necessary to prove the nature of her interactions with Josh.

Josh's attorneys argue that she's had plenty of time with which to get her papers in order. Court documents filed by Duggar's lawyers and obtained by Radar read as follows:

“It appears that in the days since her Complaint was filed, Plaintiff has found the time to bowl at Admiral Robinson Recreation Center in San Diego, California, ride a helicopter in Kauai, Hawaii, attend a San Diego chargers game, and to publicize photographs of herself undertaking those activities on Instagram.”

Thus far, Dillon has provided the court only with a $900 contract from the Pennsylvania strip club where she was once employed.

“That information alone is not sufficient to determine the wages lost to date in light of her alleged inability to work since mid-April," Duggar's lawyers claim.

So barring a last-second miracle for Dillon, it looks as though the case against Josh may be thrown out as early as today.

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