Danica Dillon: Judge Requests Proof She Had Sex With Josh Duggar

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Josh Duggar may have just scored a major victory in his legal battle against Danica Dillon - or he might be on the verge of being exposed as a liar, as well as a cheater.

Danica Dillon Puckers Up

As we've previously reported, Duggar is being sued by Dillon for allegedly manhandling and verbally abusing the former adult film star after paying her for sex.

Duggar says he's never even met Dillon, and he insists that she's merely attempting to extort him.

Last week, Josh's lawyers petitioned the court to make Dillon prove that Duggar assaulted her.

Now, according to legal documents obtained by Radar Online, Josh's attorneys have essentially gotten their wish - but there's a good chance that their request could backfire.

The documents reveal that the court has asked Dillon to file a “sworn Certification” showing “a substantial part of the events giving rise to the claim occurred in this District.”

Obviously, she can't prove what exactly went on behind closed doors, but she will need to furnish evidence that other parts of her story took place.

In order to establish that Josh frequented the strip club where she works, gave her money in exchange for sex, etc., she must offer a deposition and witnesses who can corroborate her version of events.

Ultimately, the move boils down to a high-stakes gamble by Josh's legal team:

  • If Danica can't provide the proof the judge is looking for, the case will be thrown out.
  • If she can, then not only will that severely hurt Josh's chances of winning the case, it will essentially render him guilty in the court of public opinion.

We already know that Josh has perpetrated a number of horrific misdeeds in the recent past. There's no getting around that.

Yet if Dillon can prove that even after months of therapy and rehab, the ex-reality star is willing to slander an abused mom just to keep from having to shell out a settlement, the damage to his reputation may prove irreparable.

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