Jenelle Evans SLAMS Farrah Abraham in New Interview!

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Teen Mom feud we've all been waiting for.

Jenelle Evans at the VMAs
Farrah's World

Yes, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao and Holm vs. Rousey are about to be put to shame, because it's officially about to go down between two of reality TV's heaviest hitters: Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham.

As you may have heard, Jenelle decided yesterday that she would not go through with a cosmetic procedure to change the shape of her chin.

Jenelle has had work done in the past, but Ms. Evans clearly believes there's a fine line between Kylie Jenner and Mickey Rourke, and too much time under the knife can be a very, very bad thing.

“When I heard how extensive that surgery is, and how he told me I’d have to get a CT scan and X-rays and the whole nine yards, every single detail, every bone in my jaw, I was like, ‘I don’t want to do this,’” Jenelle recently told Us Weekly.

“I think I’m fine with the way I look,” Evans says. “I work out at the gym. If I want a bigger butt, I’m going to work for it. I’m going to build it up with muscle, not implants or injections.

"If I don’t like my stomach, I’m going to go work out, stay active and healthy, because honestly, you can go get all this work done, but in a couple years, gravity is going to pull all that down, and it’s not going to look that great.”

Yes, Jenelle is actually setting a good example for her young fans, possibly for the first time ever.

Of course, that doesn't mean she'll pass up the opportunity to take a shot at the other most famous Teen Mom trainwreck.

Asked about Farrah Abraham - and the extensive work she's had done - Jenelle issued the following burn:

"She looks weird compared to what I’m used to seeing her look like in the past.

"But like I said, in 10 to 20 years, it’s all going to change, and then she’s going to have to get more to fix that, and then that’s going to spend more money — and is she going to have the money?”

Pretty harsh, but considering how many feuds Farrah is involved with at the moment, will she even have time to respond?

God, we hope so. This could get seriously amusing.

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