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We’ve known for years that Jenelle Evans is a fan of plastic surgery. It’s one of the many things that makes her a perfect fit for the Teen Mom universe (along with being batsh-t insane and constantly making horrible decisions).

But after Jenelle’s boob job and other procedures, we figured she’s was done nit-picking her appearance. Apparently, we were wrong:

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That’s a photo of Jenelle, her boyfriend David Eason, and the famed South Florida cosmetic surgeon who goes by the super-professional name of Dr. Miami.

If his name sounds familiar, it may be because Doc Miami recently performed Kailyn Lowry’s butt lift.

It seems Jenelle traveled south to look into having something much further north on her body tweaked: 

"She’s insecure about her face," a source close to Evans told Radar. "Fans make fun of her, so she wants get her chin done."

Frankly, we find that hard to believe. There are sooooo many legitimate things to make fun of Jenelle Evans about, and people are going with her face?!

Anyway, it seems Jenelle had second thoughts about the procedure and eventually backed it out.

She shared the news with fans on social media, writing:

"Honestly to everyone out there, I backed out. I’m staying the way I am. Thanks for all the confidence and support from every single one of you to help make my decision."

Wow. We actually agree with a decision that Jenelle Evans made. We can only assume that Hitler is helping Satan lace up his ice skates right now.