Sugar Bear Met One of His Gay Lovers WHERE?

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The admission to multiple lovers was one thing.

Mama June & Sugar Bear on 'Celebrity Boot Camp'

Now, some of Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson's text messages to one of his male lover has been revealed to Radar Online.

Sugar Bear met his sex partner on Craigslist, which is still a thing, apparently.  Sources tell the publication that their affair started last spring, and the texts ranged mundane to graphic.

A few d--k pics have been exchanged, which isn't surprising.

What was surprising was reading a particular text in which the lover asked Sugar Bear for money.

“I need that $40 to pay the light bill,” he wrote.

Mama June and Sugar Bear split up in September, but agreed to be part of the most recent season of WE TV's Marriage Bootcamp.  Sugar Bear admitted to several trysts, including truck sex Iwith his ex-wife.

The couple had been together for ten years before going on the reality show, but any attempt at reconciliation was futile.  It was confirmed that they had split just last week.

They’re definitely not together now,” a source told Radar. “There was no saving that relationship after everything they had been through.”

Shannon has already moved on.  The reality star is dating someone in her home state of Georgia.

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