Chris Brown: Snitching to Kourtney Kardashian About Scott Disick?!

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Over the past couple months, two of the celebrity world's most notorious D-bags have joined forces to form a sort of invincible douchetastic duo. 

Chris Brown in Tha House
Disick on Keeping Up

It all started when Scott Disick appeared in a Chris Brown video asking the singer to help him a service a flock of THOTs.

In the weeks that followed, Disick and Brown became "sober buddies," hitting clubs together while keeping each other away from the sauce.

Now it seems that Breezy may actually have an ulterior motive for spending so much time with Disick.

We know, Chris Brown doing something shady? You're shocked. But believe it or not, this time he might be acting all sketchy for a good cause:

“Chris has turned into a chaperone and snitch all in one - but in a good way,” a source close to the situation tells Hollywood Life.

“Every time he’s out with Scott he keeps a watchful eye on him and reports everything that they do back to Kourtney. She and Breezy have an arrangement.

"She allows Scott to be out and party with him with the guarantee that he doesn’t drink or hook up with any girls. If he breaks those rules, he can’t see the kids.”

So why the hell does Kourtney place so much faith in Chris? Well, for starters, she has terrible taste in men. (Remember when Kourtney hooked up with Justin Bieber? Enough said.)

But on top of that, it seems Chris has been filling her head with BS about what an upstanding dude he is:

“Kourt trusts Chris because she knows he’s a good man, especially now with Royalty in his life,” the source says. “He’s so focused on that little girl and his music career that he doesn’t have time for nonsense.

"Kourt wishes Scott had a career like Chris so he can get his act together. But she does think that if Scott surrounds himself with good men like Chris instead of Gold digging women, he’ll learn that his family and children are the most important things in life.”

Yeah, when your baby daddy is taking good guy lessons from Chris Brown, it's time to fight for sole custody. Hard.

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