Blake Shelton Issues Crass Warning To Haters

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Don't cross a country boy, especially on Twitter.

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Blake Shelton is liberal with his 140 characters, if the past is any indication.  So when he sent a tweet out to those who speak ill of him, no one really batted an eye lash.

You see, Shelton has had it with naysayers butting into his personal life (which he oftentimes makes public), and the busy bodies who can't seem to mind their own business.

So, The Voice judge did what anyone would do, according to International Business Times.   He posted a saucy response on Twitter.

Blake Shelton's Sassy Tweet

"Hey haters.." Shelton announced.  "I'm having an INCREDIBLE 2016 so far!! Suck it... You like that? I can't hear you. Oh yeah.. It's because you're sucking it."


Prior to that, he responded (again, quite crassly) to someone's tweet, which was so harsh it allegedly made the user delete his or her account.

This is disappointing, as we can't see what prompted a sassy response from Shelton:

“Yes... Does making friends or brushing your teeth come into play with yours?”

Shelton's pretty engaged on his Twitter account, and responds as often to the positive messages as he does the negative.

"Hot damn," one fan wrote.  "I wanna get involved in these tweet backs! But I'm not gonna threaten a dude I'd like to go drinking with!"

To which Shelton responded, "Cheers!!"

Social media can be a beautiful thing.


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